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Who We Are

Silicon Valley Chapter (SVC) of Military Officers is an affiliate of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) welcomes you to our new website.  We are “One Powerful Voice” as an organization and this website is an extension of our activities.

The primary mission of the MOAA- SVC is to support veterans and active-duty military members, and their families. The organization will embrace diversity while leveraging varying skills to meet the needs of all veterans of Santa Clara County.  Chapter is fully committed to transparency and operational excellence while adhering to the Warrior Ethos. Organization will make the necessary investments in personnel, systems, and processes for continued growth, organizational distinction, and community involvement. This will be achieved through administrative excellence, innovation, communication, and execution while building team cohesion.

Purpose: The chapter does advocate a strong national defense, it does not, as a chapter, become involved in matters pertaining to military strategy or individual weapons systems of the various services. The chapter’s board of directors play an active role in military personnel matters and especially proposed legislation affecting the career force, the retired community, and veterans of the uniformed services. 

Stated briefly, the chapter may advocate issues, but it may not advocate the election or defeat of candidates or political parties in accordance with the chapter’s constitution and bylaws.

Dear SVC Officers, Members, Spouses, and Friends,

I am truly honored to be your President.  We at MOAA-SVC strive to go above and beyond for our veterans.  Community awareness, outreach, and synchronization of efforts with established organizations such as VA Palo Alto Health, Santa Clara County Veteran Services, and many more are paramount to success.

Our goal is to advocate for food security, scholarships, employment & career transitions, and veteran suicide prevention. The organization recognizes these challenges won’t be resolved overnight and are “Think Big” initiatives, but they must be addressed and will require a community effort, discipline and servitude.

Several of the board members are doubling up on the leadership tasks to fill staffing gaps and we’re making staffing gains month-over-month and could use your help. There is still time to step up and be the change makers for our veterans.

I want to hear from you. We encourage new concepts and suggestions on how to do better for our veterans. I look forward to the year of lessons learned, best practices, and more important, mission success with you.


Ray Watts, COL USA (Ret)

  • To inculcate and stimulate love of country and the flag;
  • To support the honor and integrity of our country and advocate for a strong national defense;
  • To advocate military forces adequate to the defense of our country;
  • To foster the integrity and prestige of uniformed service;
  • To foster fraternal relations between all branches of the various Services from which our members are drawn;
  • To further the education of children of Service personnel;
  • To aid personnel of the Services from which our members are drawn, and their family members and survivors, in every proper and legitimate manner, and
  • To represent their rights and interests when Service matters are under consideration.

Monthly Meeting Details

Currently we hold Monthly Board Meetings from 1030 – 1130 hours at the Moffett Museum on the 1st Thursday of each month. All are welcome to attend.

After COVID 19 and Since July 2021 we have been holding in-person lunch meetings with outstanding guest speakers from 1130 – 1330 hours each month. Future luncheon meetings are now being planned on the Last Thursday of each month. We will most probably continue that schedule for all of 2023. Please stay tuned and watch for our monthly MailChimp meeting notices. 

New Location: De Anza College Cafeteria
21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

Veterans Stand Down: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Sat July 8th at 9a-5p & Sun July 9th at 10a-3p